Avvo is a for profit attorney rating system. Attorneys are required to complet a profile, givng more information than most are comfortable with, and Avvo uses this to rate them using a “secrect” rating system. If an attorney declines to submit the information to Avvo, it gives them a low rating. If an attorney has been disiplined in the past, but has taken care of it, and is now in good standing to practice law, Avvo does not reconize that either. Rather, they list the attorney has been disiplined but do not give the details that the attorney has been restated to full practice. This becomes misleading to a protential client because they see one side of the story on the Avvo website and it negatively impacts a good attorney. Should an attorney want to opt out of the Avvo system, they are not allowed too. Rating are subjective. Supreme Court Justises can have lower ratings than an attoeny who has been disbared. Attorneys who have been nationally recognized can have a lower rating than an attorney just out of law school. And if you have a low rating Avvo’s marketing team calls you and offers to help you increase your rating if you are willing to pay for services it offers to market you or your firm. In other words, if you are willing to pay Avvo to increase your rating, they will. Many Judges, Justices, Partners with national firms, and others who are predominate in the field of law have chossen not to submit their informatoin to Avvo because they do not view Avvo as a ligitimate rating system. Subsequently Avvo rates them with a low rating. When a client looks on Avvo at these attorneys, they see the low rating, and pass them by. What is unfortunate is the attorneys they pass by are the attorneys they should hire. I stongly recommend if your looking for an attorney, check with the State Bar Association, Martindal Hubbel, and other organizations that do not have a profit motive in rating attorneys, so a fair representation on an attorney. I would sign my name, but I am affraid that there would be retrobution from Avvo for what I have said.

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