Complaint: Cynthia Laverne Cheek, Subject Cheek TRYING TO DAMEGE Capt. Gregory Thomas and Mike Royal reputation using website like this Ripoff Scams. We like to let people know that Cynthia Laverne Cheek is a Career Criminal.. Lated Arreast that we know: Pasco County Sheriff; Booking # Booking Date 201101256 01/23/2011 201007973 06/18/2010 200908525 06/30/2009 Pinellas County Sheriff; Clearwater Police 09/19/2013 We know there more arrest records but we don’t have time to waste Check New York Records and Florida if you like to wates time.. CURRENTLY, MS CHEEK IS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST HER FORMER EMPLOYER. SHE HAS SINCE BEEN TERMINATED.

Tags: Realtors

Address: Trouble Creek New Port Richey, Florida USA