I entered a request through the website Thumbtack to look for a fence installer. | This company awningsnewyork.org came to my house for an estimate, performed measurements and everything looked legit. I interviewed a few more contractors and they ended up being the cheapest so I had to come again to do the work. | The second time “Henry” came over, he did some additional measurements then gave me a receipt and required a 50% deposit, which I gave him some in cash and some through paypal. | The sale date was 7/23/16 and the fence was supposed to be installed in 3 weeks. When the 3rd week came and went, there was no fence delivered, and no fence installed. He blamed it on me because I wanted a different fence, which I already told him about the day after the sale, so 7/24. | So he pushed back the delivery/install to the following week, which again came and went with no fence. This time he cited his installers couldn’t finish the jobs in time – all while saying he wasn’t that busy….. | So he pushed it back to the following week, with me saying ok if you don’t get it installed I want my refund, which he said he understands and would get it done at the latest on 9/9 or 9/10. So I contacted him again and lo and behold, of course my install was scheduled later so it got pushed back again. | Seeing a pattern here? So yes, this guy Henry from Brooklyn with an address that doesn’t exist in Google Maps 2975 Avenue U, is a scammer. #1-347-869-7645 OFFICE 10 AM-6 PM was suppposedly disconnected and his Thumbtack account was deleted because of customer complaint. I wonder why?? | So yes, his cell is 718-307-8619 and the email address I sent his paypal to was [email protected] which apparently is tied to a store named Clear the rack consign. | BEWARE OF FENCE CONTRACTORS!! NOW I KNOW, NO MORE DEPOSITS OR DEPOSITS WITH A CREDIT CARD ONLY.


Name: Awnings New York

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Brooklyn


Phone: (212) 461-1625

Website: www.awningsnewyork.com/