I finally get to talk to the owner of the store about my concerns with my dress. She tells me that the dress is made ideally for smaller framed women, and that larger sized women may have a problem with the way the dress fits. I tried to explain that the dress was falling apart, and that it had nothing to do with my size. (There were women in the wedding much larger than myself) She hung up on me. I called her back because I was so upset. First you tell me that there is nothing that you are going to do, to compensate for my trouble and money lost. Then you tell me that the dress fit bad because of my size????? What was the point in trying it on.. and being fitted… and having it altered..??? This has gone from an angry, dissatisfied customer to a woman who now wants to contact an at to see what legal channels are avail to me. Did she discriminate on me because I am thick?

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