This person who uses the alias AYLA CROFT on her social media sites but her real name is Maria Carrington. She was messing around talking online and on the phone to this married guy. He told his wife that was his cousin so they could talk. Wife found our and told her to stay away especially after googling her and finding out that she drove drunk smashing her vehicle into a bus with her daughter. Thank goodness for #LIFEFLIGHT. So this woman decided she was going to come back into the picture. She is so obsessed with him she has to make a shrine out to the husband on Facebook and post pictures of the guy and married woman’s daughter. This Ayla Croft person loves attention so much I thought she might need some extra love on this page. She’s a great photographer and one awesome business woman making a come up on her Ecig business and other things. Takes a big person to step on people to get to the top. P.s She likes to play a victim. If you say he’s you’re friend it doesn’t make it okay especially when you have a man.