Az Tech Express scam, rip off, robbed me, unprofessional, untrustworthy, liar Internet!!. Robert Brown is the owner of Az Tech Express he claims to be honest, reliable and a hard working man as it says on his ad. Based on my experience I can tell you all that is a lie. Mr. Brown came to my house couple days ago to check out a bike I have that is leaking gas. He told me I was going to need a carburator kit, I gave him $100 to get it , I only trusted the guy because I taught he was a business man, he had business cards and even pens with his information (looked legit ) Mr.brown was scheduled to be at my house with the kit 3 days ago. He’s been ignoring my calls and even my messages this just shows his willing to risk the name of his company over $100 . do not be fooled By this guy. He will rip you off
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