Complaint: So , this guy claims to be an Ethical Hacker, hell , he even has his own radio talk show called The Charles Tendell Show, it all seems legit and has a forum running on with tons of podcasts etc. CLAIMS HE CAN HACK ANYTHING ! Makes you sign a service agreement and then says your project will take about a week or two , and then suddenly … BOOM! GONE! He has charged you a retainer fee for the services, I lost $2000+ in the process of trying to get him to help me but the guy just doesnt respond at all . Then he sends you a bunch of emails ” sorry was out of the office”” and gives you a toll free number to call

Tags: Consulting

Address: but guess what? thats a fake f****** agency just answering and redirecting you to some b******* loop just adding to the false hope of your project being completed

Website: Internet USA

Phone: but he’s taken your cash