Who is Azura? This so-called princess of Indonesia is one of the biggest scam artists in Hong Kong. She lives a lavish lifestyle, but itu2019s all fake. She pretends to be a princess, and uses her fake background to borrow money from her wealthy friends – sheu2019s borrowed money for rent, for lawsuits, for her fatheru2019s surgery, the list goes on. She will start asking for favours, like asking for your credit card to shop online or if you can pay for something and sheu2019ll pay you back. But she never does. Instead, you get a thousand excuses until one day she stops texting back, and you know the moneyu2019s gone for good. Unsurprisingly, once sheu2019s scammed someone, she moves on & rarely stays friends with people for long. Sheu2019s always moving onto her next target. Whatu2019s her scam? This is how she does it: she likes to mingle in “high societyu201d, and is regularly seen at galas, auctions, and fancy dinner parties. When she meets someone she thinks is rich enough and gullible enough, sheu2019ll invite you round to her extravagant apartment where she will drop unsubtle hints about her wealth, and attempt to impress you by name-dropping expensive brand names, celebrity friendships and discussions about her private jet. She pours out bottles of expensive-looking wines like theyu2019re water (anyone seen Sour Grapes about Rudi Kerniawan?), making sure you know how much she paid for them. Once you get closer, sheu2019ll tell you about her family, claiming to be from royalty in Indonesia, that her mother (a woman that no-one has ever met) owns the penthouse at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, that they own mega-yachts with top-to-toe Hermes decor, and have prime property projects in Indonesia. She claims that she went to boarding school in the UK with a famous Hong Kong socialite and to Dartmouth College in the US. She claims to be a concert pianist (she does have a baby grand in her living room) and that she studied at Oxford, or was it Cambridge for her post-grad. But itu2019s all a lie! The sad truth While some people whisper that she used to be a high-class hooker, the boring truth is that she came over to Hong Kong as the wife of the General Manager of the Holiday Inn. Not a hooker – but not a princess, either. Yes, sheu2019s Indonesian (she canu2019t hide that), but the girl she claimed to go to school with in England has only met her 3 times, and she doesnu2019t appear on a search of the Dartmouth College alumni register. And her being a concert pianist? She has difficulty playing chopsticks. Social media has been a huge friend to her. On Instagram (@followyourbliss007), she can pretend to be the woman she always thought she was. She has thousands and thousands of followers, but theyu2019re all fake: each post gets 20,000 likes but only a handful of random comments. Her photos show pictures of private jets, luxury handbags and luxury hotels – but itu2019s all a lie: the private jets she just poses in front of; anyone can sit in the lobby of the Four Seasons; and the bags? The bags are all fake! The Hermes bags she flaunts were all bought from a woman called Ling Ling in Shenzhen who specialises in high-quality fake handbags. But Ling Ling wonu2019t sell any more bags to Azura. Why? Because she owes Ling Ling a million RMB for bags she collected but never paid for. Once, Ling Ling delivered multiple crocodile bags to Azurau2019s house, and never received payment for them because Azura claimed she never received them. Another time, one of the bags hadnu2019t been well executed and looked fake, so she tried to bring it back to Ling Ling in Shenzhen for exchange – only to be stopped at the border and to have it confiscated! Donu2019t be her next victim These days, people are wise to her and her reputation, such as it is, has been ruined. She has scammed multiple “husbands” like the General Manager of the Holiday Inn. She has also got engaged to multiple partners and arranged for joint bank accounts – which she cleaned out. She claims she has never been married but it’s clearly a lie. In fact, she’s been married a number of times and engaged numerous times to scam for money. One of her most famous victims is Mathias Hug, who was scammed out of HK$ 2 million by sharing a joint account with her. And thereu2019s another one! We found a new victim in California by the name of Ron John LeClair – check out the marriage annulment (unicourt.com/case/ca-la23-mangunhardjono-azura-luna-vs-leclair-ron-john-147608). Hope youu2019ve got enough money left for a good lawyer, Ron! Sheu2019s good at what she does. She makes you feel special and you feel instantly comfortable around her. She showers you with attention, she constantly invites you for expensive meals, she calls your kids her u201cgod-childrenu201d. In short, she makes you feel like a million dollars. Cos itu2019s the million dollars sheu2019s gonna steal from your bank account! BEWARE!!!

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