I would like to inform the public about what happened to my family & I after purchasing a car from these people!! My husband put $1300 down on a car on February 1st, after leaving this car lot he got home and the car was smoking! He immediately called them and told them and they said it was from an oil change and that the oil needed to burn off I still did not feel comfortable with that answer but they said they were closing so there was nothing we could do until Monday!! That same day it just died didn’t even start anymore, so here comes Monday and the guy said he would go half with him on a tow truck so his mechanic could look at it…. & yes his first response was that he would only pay half the wrecker!!!! Finally he agrees to cover the wrecker and sends one to pick this car up that we have yet to use, he calls and said it was just a fuse and it will be ready in a couple of days! When it was ready my dad went and picked it up and took it to his house… my husband was at work for the next to days when he finally returns home we go to get it and it’s dead again!!!!! My husband calls the car lot again and he says it’s a good car to just jump the battery blah blah blah!!! So this past Tuesday we go and jump the car and I drive it home we get there and it’s still smoking and we notice one of the headlights is out so my husband decides he’s going to take it to get a light he goes inside gets his wallet and my kids are running around my driveway and the car catches fire!! & I mean the whole hood in in high flames…. so there we are pouring water and flour for about 7 minutes and it finally gets put out!! Now here we are going round and round with the car lot again they have not offered a refund or anything he was even on the phone complaining about how now he was out of a car and taking a loss…. mind you my kids or us we could of been Injured because of the neglectfulness of the smoke that they swore was nothing!!!! I’m disgusted that they are in no way trying to help us after we lost money and my husband has had to miss work having to deal with all this!!!! So please be aware!!!