As described in the 1-11-19 report on this web site (on B&S Import LLC) from another, I was offered a job to be a “supply chain specialist” or “purchasing manager” working from home with a handsome base salary and commissions. Benefits and pay were to come after a 2 week probationary period and completion of 8 “orders”. | For the probationary period I was to use my own credit card (or many of my own cards) that B&S would load (up to my line of credit) with funds from their bank account. Since I have a high LOC limit, they eagerly provided me their bank routing and account numbers and (clearing all this through my CC company) I was able to receive a payment to my card of tens of thousands of dollars. I then purchased many high-dollar cell phones and received precise instructions on how to pack and ship to Asia. I was told that shipping in 1-2 days was critical in order to get commissions. | The US postal service questioned my shipment (due to lithium batteries) and this delayed shipping the phones by a day. I contacted Aarron Anders (my “boss”) and he had all the right answers to assure me that they could ship and even cited US postal regs that seemed to support his answer. I was to cite this reg to the post office to allow shipment. After I returned to the post office and had the packages processed for shipment I decided to check my CC activity and noticed that the payment (advance from B&S bank) had been reversed and I was now liable for the purchases. | My CC company investigated and said the bank account was closed when they went to complete the payment (about 3 days after the payment was authorized) so I quickly halted the shipment and contacted Aarron. He said it is only a banking glitch and I should go through with the shipment (and send the customs tracking bar codes) and send info on my CC activity so the financial manager could fix the error within the next 2 days. | I suspected fraud and searched the web for reports. Fortunately, I saw the 1-11-19 report on RIPPOFF REPORT and decided that it was best to return all of the merchandise to the store and terminate my employment-at-will. Aarron contacted me and said that I was stealing company funds and would be held accountable. | The payment (advance) to my CC was never reinstated and now I’m just waiting for all the refunds to hit my CC and be back to normal. I was very lucky that the merchandise never left my post office!


Name: B & S Import LLC

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York

Address: 345 E 37th St

Phone: 646-755-9689