Harassing continues After I Refuse to do buisness with them


My Complaint: I posted a babysitting ad via letgo. “Naida” (I don’t believe the person is the real Naida) contacted me through the chat system and asked for my email address. I gave it to her and got her story shortly after. She sent pictures of herself and her driver’s license. She stated that her husband had passed away in a car accident and that her daughter was diagnosed with muscular dystropy because of the accident. They stated a date to meet in my city after I sent a little bit about myself along with photo of my drivers licence. She did not mention money until after I sent my information. Naida stated that she wanted to send me a retaining fee for my services and I told her I was not comfortable with that. Later in the same day, she sent me and email requesting that I purchase a wheelchair from a private seller with an additional 2000 dollars that she would be mailing me. I responded and said that I would not be doing that as we have yet to meet. I continued to ask questions which are still unanswered and researched this person and found inconsistencies with the information given. I have reported this person through every means possible and they continue to badger me. I have plainly said that I refuse to deal with them through email and continue to receive emails from them. I intend to use the check as evidence of fraud since the scam is for me to cash the check through my bank and then hand over the money to someone that’s going to come to my door. I have not lost any money as I caught onto the scam beforehand but now I am afraid of what is going to happen when they come to my home. I can honestly say that I have no peace of mind and I do not feel safe in my home.


My Demand: Police officer comes to my home so that I can make a formal police report and raise awareness in my area of the potential burglars