I went to their website and there is a form to fill out right on their homepage titled, “Run my background check”. After filling this form out “US AliasSEARCH” was automatically chosen for me as a report to be purchase with no details on what that includes or leaves out. Once the search was ran the website states that they would need a few hours to a few days to complete the requested report. Meaning their “instant report” claim is false. The report was submitted at 5:22pm and the “completed” report was ready for me to review at 7:24pm. So still fairly quick, but definitely not instant. | The completed report submitted to be from backgroundchecks.com stated that there were no offenses, criminal records, or etc found on the background check we were running. However after running the same information on another website a large number of offenses and criminal records were found, some felonies. After seeing this huge oversight I emailed the company the following:


Name: BackGroundChecks.com

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Dallas

Address: 12770 Coit Road, Suite 1150, TX, 75251

Phone: 866.766.4066

Website: www.backgroundchecks.com/