My family and i went hunting to backwoodstrophyoutfitters in NC, from Oct 23 to 28 leaving on 29. All week i ask my driver is there corn at the spots, o yeah o yeah he said, but i seen none. Anyway on Friday Oct 28 in the morning i ask my drive,r to take me to another spot he said ok. I ask him is there corn out, he said yes i said ok. He dropped me off at my stand at 6am, i sat there into it got light out. I sat there from 6 am till 11am, thats when they come back to pick you up. I did not see a thing the whole morning nothing, i got down from my stand i walked to where the corn is, but there is no corn at all all 3 lanes no corn. Anyway i walked to where he let me out got in the truck he said, see anything i said no. We got back to the lodge i asked him, didnt i ask you if there was corn there you yes, i said well there is nothing there. He asked the other driver hey Bubba, when was the last time we put corn where johnny sat, he said last Friday that was 1 week ago really i paid $3000 to hunt with my son and no corn around. | I think the owner of lodge thinks he is putting corn out, and maybe taking it home who knows. | Well i didnt want to go out Friday night i was done, and stayed in my room i was pissed. I didnt tip my driver because he lied to me. My brother and 2 nephews who are NY Ciity policemen, and my son whos not went back out saw nothing. Anyway Friday i started packing up my stuff while everyone was out, i packed the car i moved the car closer to door, i was packed. At 7 pm my son and family came in from the woods my son gave stuff to put in the car, we were packed up. Sat morning my son and I woke up got into my car, i started the car it made a loud sound from the muffler new car now, i shut it down went inside told my brother the car sounds funny, my brother and nephews came to see for them self. I started the car again my brother heard it said something with the muffler, I new then someone did something to my rent a car, i told everyone to stay away from car i started it up again, i hit the gas pedal and 2 big potatoes or yam came flying out of muffler like a bullet, someone could have got hurt muffler could of blew up or car could of blew up. They put us in danger all because i didnt tip my driver. I now know i should of called the police but, i just wanted to get out of there and go home. | Because i was the only one who didnt tip i was SABOTAGED. Really somebody could of got hurt. O by the way Friday night my brother who was a police officer who retired, and my 2 nephews who are police officers now, were whiching the baseball game when my nephew said to our driver your hand is bleeding, o we were fooling around outside, it was bleeding from shoving the potatoes in the pipe and got cut, when i told my story to owner Justin he said the driver cut his hand, helping me gut deer thats not what driver told my nephews. Thats my story and i will stick to it. I put my reviews on logde website it was deleted 2 times really? John Fazio PS We had potatoes the night before to eat for dinner with stew. I have pics of the 2 potatoes with black around it. Johnny


Name: Backwoods Trophy Outfitters

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Ahoskie

Address: 330 Ward Rd

Phone: 252-287-0565