We purchase a pool from them and it started to leak. They then replaced the liner, it was under warranty. Stating the foam should of not been put under the pool, but they are the ones that told us to purchase it and put it down before they put the pool up. If it was not a good idea, then why use it? Well pool proceeded to start leaking again at the end of Sept 2016. We called and they said they would be out to fix. My husband took vacation days waiting on them, and no show, and no calls. We then called and left messages quite a few times, finally contacted us to tell us too late in the season, end of Sept., to be able to fix, would have to wait until April of 2017. Finally got them out here, after a few failed attempts to show up, and they then blamed us for the leak stating it was from an underwater firecracker, because it looked like burns. WTF…we did not even know there were such things as underwater fire crackers, and we own 4 dogs, firecrackers are not allowed at our house and our neighbors are too far away for any to get in our pool. They patched the holes and left. We then contacted them again because pool is still leaking. I have to fill it about a 1/2″ every day from my well. My husband has taken 2 vacation days and still not show when they said they would be there. Still nothing and it is now Sept. 2017. I have never in my life dealt with a company that ignores their customers like these people do, then get all pissy when I call and complain. I would NEVER ever buy anythiing from this company again and I will be calling Green Sky financial to let them know that I am not going to be paying for a pool that is broken and the company will not honor warranty.


Name: Backyard Leisure LLC

Country: United States

State: Indiana

City: Terre Haute

Address: 295 Honey Creek Dr

Phone: 812-238-3660

Website: www.backyardleisure.com/