Bad Boy Buggies Bad Boy Buggies 2013 Ambush backfires and can not be fixed…”Anti-Ambush” Augusta Geogia!!. 2018 Bad Boy Buggies Ambush backfires when going down any incline with gas motor engaged. The engine auto shuts off when you take your foot off the gas pedal when going down a hill. As soon as you give it gas again, the engine auto starts again and then immediately backfires. How do they call this thing an “Ambush” when it annouces itself constantly down inclines with a massively loud backfire. We had it in Bass Pro Shops repair department for 5 months and they could not fix it. They gave us a new 2018 Ambush today to replace the broken backfiring vehicle. Guess what…yep, the new Ambush also backfires exactly the same down hills. We even told them to test it first before we picked it up. Anyways, Bad Boy Buggies Ambush vehicles are simply garbage and not stealthy at all. Bad Boy Buggies customer support is non existant really. Do yourself a huge favor and stay away from anything this company produces, you’lll be doing yourself a huge favor. We got a Polaris Ranger to use while the Bad Boy POS Ambush was in the repair shop and the Ranger rocks…it is such a nice powerful vehicle! Stay away from Bad Boy Buggies. Their vehicles are beyond terrible junk, fall apart constantly, are not quiet as advertised, massively backfire while going down any inclines or hills, and they do not stand behind their products. Shame on you Textron! ?

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