Bad Dog Tools Product broke, poor return policy over charged for return Bristol Rhode Island!!. sold us 2 sets of drill bits, invoice states 60 money back guarantee no return policy is notated on invoice, no handling charge is notated on invoice. We return two sets of drill bits because they broke the first time we used them. Bad Dog agreed to take them back and mentioned nothing about handling or restock charges. We paid for priority shipping and sent them back. When we recieved our credit it was $60.00 short 30% I called to ask about this and was treated with great arrogance and rudeness. the lady who stated that she was the oner said the 30% charge was a handling fee because we had put a sticker on the front of the small metal cases and had written on the sticker. these stickers could have been easliy removed. We were informed that they had to put them in new boxes and this is a standard charge in the industry “it is not” 30% is very high I asked the person if the would at least work with us and meet us have way, and she very arroganly refused told me thats just the way it is and there was nothing further that they would do. told me to have a nice day and hung up on me!

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