Got a phone call. I was told I had two years to travel and trips would be all inclusic=ve, except Cayman Islands. Could never get the reservation when I could travel. When I finally did book one there was all kinds of hidden fees. We were only able to go to Cancun and nowhere else although we paid for these trips because our 2 years were up. They wanted us to extend it for another $600.00. I told them no and requested a partial refund, but was denied. Another trip I scheduled to San Antonio was cancelled by them. I was told it was no longer available, needless to say I had already planned on going. They never tried to booK me in another hotel becasue all their trips require you to attend a SALES PRESENTATION. Thats right, they try to get you to buy a time share. The lady we had on our trip to Cancun was rude and cussed alot to me and my wife when we told her we were not going to buy and were no interested in buying anywhere. She called us “PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS”” and said we take vacations with sales presentations as a form of free travel. We paid for our vacations and our airfare. We also paid all the hidden fees. There was no free travel. BAHAMAS ROYAL VACATIONER ID NOTHING BUT A SCAM AND A BIG RIPOFF.”

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