Complaint: After I bought it, and took it home and began to fill the tank up, I find out it is only an 8 gallon NOT a 16 Gallon Biobube that I thought I was buying. RIP OFF ! In my search for a good used Fish Tank, on LETGO, I found what I thought was a good buy, only to find out the seller “Bailey h*o”” of Centennial Colorado (((REDACTED))) Phone number (((REDACTED)))- misrepresented and lied to me. After I get home with the Fish Tank and Stand I bought; and began filling it up with water

Tags: Crooked Sellers, LetGo Website- Scams, Misrepresentation of Products

Address: I began to realize the tank only holds 8 Gallons ! Not the 16 Gallon Tank I paid for !! This guy

Website: 22200 EAST ONTARIO AVE. AURORA, COLORADO United States

Phone: Bailey h*o totally ripped me off. He won’t answer his phone nor return calls. Then as a matter of fact