Complaint: First I want to say that I have had no contact with this company. I have had contact with a company out of New York that used exactly the same wording on their mailed Application Form. Everything on their form was the same, including the Application Fees. This is a work at home company that charges you a fee to begin based on how much money you would like to make. (You can make up to $5000 per week if 100% of your mailings are returned). They will pay all postage, refund your one-time application fee, provide the envelopes, send you a 1099 at the end of the year, and pay you $10.00 for each envelope mailed with your code on it that is returned to them (with cash inside). HERE IS THE PROBLEM. Your postage and application fee (up to $399) is not refunded until you have received 9 paychecks. In the three week that I mailed their pre-addressed envelopes, they sent me one check for $20. I had to pay that postage for 299 envelopes each week. Now if I had to wait for 9 checks that means that I would have to come up with about $150 per week for 27 weeks. That adds up to some real money that I just didn’t have, being unemployed. So if you have the money to hang in there then this company could work out for you. Just remember that a 10% return on mailed envelopes is good and their potential earnings are based on 100% returns, which are totally unrealistic. I believe that this company probably makes most of their money on the fees it charges their applicants who don’t have the cash to pay for postage over the time it takes to wait for 9 checks. Some weeks no-one returns your mailings. The mail order opportunity business depends on consistantly weekly mailings to capture the few who respond and to provide you with a weekly income. Let me reiterate that I have had no contact with this company, but surmise that it is related to a company in New York city that I did join and that has exactly the same paperwork, the same introductory letter, the same fees, and the same 9 check wait for your refund of application fees and postage. Beware.

Tags: Computer Mail Order

Address: 501 West Broadway Suite 800 San Diego, California USA


Phone: 619 760-0570