I bought an 11 month old female sphynx from Brenda Bevan( Bald and Purri cattery), who said she had “rubbing”” spots on her back from rubbing against furniture

and after spay they would go away. Well

they did not! The spots turned into what the vet called “”raised ulcerative lesions”” they would ooze and bleed. The vet said it was probably a congenital auto immune disease

but Brenda blamed vaccines! The vet said no! Treatment and tests would cost me thousands

and I needed the previous 11 months of vet history from Brenda while she had her. ( I only had her a month!) I asked multiple times for her vets info. She refused and then told me if I returned the cat to her property or contacted her again she was going to phone the authorities!! Buyers please BEWARE of Brenda Bevan. Read her contract with a fine tooth comb!! At one point she told me to bring back the cat and she would refund my money… Then changed her mind! I had to surrender the cat today to the animal shelter where they said she would likely be put to sleep. If Brenda didn’t refuse to give me the vet records