Jalapenos Mexican Kitchen and Griill San Francisco Stonestown Galleria | Daniel claimed refuge and residency in San Francisco although living in Berkeley only a month ,being on a student visa to apply for government assistance and receive free treatment by the city. | 4 years later 2011 , after opening a restaurant Jalapenos Mexican Kitchen and Grill which was his discreet goal on a student visa working the system to remain with legal status, unemployed spending enough for TWO families monthly, and receiving government aid, he files a restraining order without notice as a form to get one more benefit out of our relationship. | Shockingly parents who do not live in this country and very well known for their food buisnesses, La Parilla El diamante internationally located in Xalapa Veracruz Mexico and never have been here more than a couple weeks decided to include themselves in the “harassment via text” abuse statement as an effortless way for qualification benefitting from US VISA victim protective laws. | I know the kind of maintenance the owner has first hand, and is not trained or passionate about meeting any kind of standards wether it be food quality or following the health code. It has been a cover up, and most likely this buisness is more than just food. “substitutes” temporary new menu items tend to be ok, simply because there is no knowledge of health codes and standards. It would be ignorant of me to assume, however i found out much later that my name was used as a member of the board and secretary knowingly that this would allow “flexibility” with payroll, taxes, scheduling, and overall buisness ethics. There has not been anything that contributes to the general public interests which was a requirement for approval of a buisness license | .offshore accounts, money laundering, falsified legal documents, governemnt assistance, news articles in mexico about hit and run driver accusations, falsified abuse, shipping steroids and sex toys to the food buisness, ” rat poopings”, conversion of property, embesslement, defamation, false accusations, | fraud on vehicle loans, I can say that the damages are piling up and that would most likely mean less priority towards the quality of business as a whole. | the damages are negelected, and continue to plot further accusations, victimizing, and have no shame to claim such family traditions, which im sure are not food if anything.


Name: Balderas Jalapenos Kitchen

Country: United States

State: California

City: San Francisco

Address: 3251 20th Ave,

Phone: 415-759-8237