Ball Engine David W Ball and Brother machining, engine repair, engine head damaged, engine repair, auto repair, defective workmanship Lilburn, Georgia!!. I took my 1996 Nissan Sentra engine head in to Ball Engine after talking to them on the phone upon which time they assured Me that they could fix the problem I was having with my engine head. I paid them $400.37 for the work on the head. On 8/22/2001 George Goodhart of Automotive Specialists, (the mechanic I hired to install the head Ball Engine reconditioned) asked me to come and pickup my Car and the head Ball Engine reconditioned because it was defective due to the fact that it was cracked and would not work properly because the engine would leak where the crack was. I ended up paying Mr. Goodhart $359.00 in labor costs for a repair job that did not fix my car due to that defective head issue. I then took Ball Engine to court and won a judgment against them after I lugged the 80 pound head with the damage into court and displaye

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Ball Engine