I signed up for a month to month membership, and my sales person told me that I could cancel at any time without a fee. I specifically signed up for the no time-length-specific membership so that I could cancel whenever I needed to. I went in to cancel last week and the person at the desk told me I was completely cancelled. A few days later I received a call that I owed a $159 fee. I called back and spoke to one person who said I would have to pay the $159 because of my two-year contract. Knowing that I did not sign up for a two-year contract (there is not even a two-year membership option listed on the website) I requested to speak with a manager. He initially said that the fee would be $199 for cancellation. After pushing him and demanding to know how I had been entered into a two-year contract without my knowledge, he confided to me that they receive "eight-to-10 calls per day" about this very issue. It turns out that the person who sold me my membership, who no longer works there, was entering people into contracts without their knowledge. Though the manager I spoke to said that he could not say if other salespeople were doing this as well, he did say that the documented reason my salesman was fired was for entering people into contracts without their knowledge.The club is now threatening to either continue charging me or to charge me the $199 (or $159, they don’t seem to know) despite a staff member admitting that they knew a salesman was selling customers false memberships.