I was coerced (or muscled) into signing a contract under unscrupulous conditions in which the entire terms of the contract were not explained to me and the understanding was that I could cancel my membership. nI called to cancel whatever i signed for in the first week. I have never been to the gym because i told the woman i spoke to on the day that I had to contact my parents to pay the bill. Whatever my parents said, I had to do. She still convinced me to sign…so i did. On contacting my parents, they told me they can’t afford to pay that bill and i should call immediately and cancel. nAlso, I did move a lot of different locations. I was new to the US. I sent them a letter with all that they give me. I never got it back. I didn’t even give to them any method of payment since i was unsure from the very first day about that membership as i needed to ask my parents before. Now, I really do hope that they don’t have me on their file because I am not in for anything with Bally Fitness Centre!!!!! nRachelnJamaica, New YorkU.S.A.

P.O. Box 19111 Baltimore, Montana U.S.A.


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