As a lawyer, I read the 3-year contract carefully. I wanted to be able to move to another part of California and still use my membership, or break the contract legally if necessary. Unexpectedly, I was required to move out of California (and out of the country). nI followed the contract procedure regarding cancellation, sent my $50 (which they cashed), only to find months later that Bally still considers my contract open and are now pursuing the option of credit agencies, despite my having sent them proof that I have moved to a country near Russia. nThey refuse to write to me on e-mail, and they refuse to speak with my family member about this. I was required to send a confirmation document from my supervisor in my current country, as well as my lease for my apartment here; the cost of mailing it was $50. They refused to accept this evidence. Now I am required to send a utility bill from here, with my name and address on it, even though such bills literally do not exist here! nBally Fitness is an unethical organization that refuses to honor its own contractual obligations. Further, it even refuses to have civil communication with the people with whom it enteres into contracts. They should be shut down and prosecuted for their consumer fraud. nJohnnYerevanArmenia Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Bally Total Fitness

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