When I called to close my account due to a relocation, the Bally’s representative told me to send proof of relocation and a check for $50 to close the account (I’d not fulfilled my membership yet). nI specifically asked if my account was clear of any other charges (remaining balance on monthly dues, etc.) and the rep said yes, I was in the clear if I sent the $50. nAbout two weeks after that check cleared, I got a bill in the mail for $8.31! When I called to see what that was about, I was told that was what I owed on my account. I disputed it with the new rep, but was told “there’s no possible way for us to know at the time of your call if there will be additional charges for account close”” and basically that if I didn’t want to be hassled anymore

I’d better send the $8.31! nThis company does not care about you getting a workout; they only care about getting your money!!! nAlinMinneapolis


7200 University Avenue NE Fridley, Minnesota U.S.A.