I decided to replace a Christmas tree that I had been using for more than 10 years about five years ago. I wanted the same light features; LED lights with both colored can clear lights that could be operated independently. I also wanted one where when one bulb goes out the other bulbs on that string stay lit. | After searching the web the only company that appeared to offer these features was Balsam Hill. Their trees were significantly more expensive than other trees but it was the only option for a tree with both colored and clear LED lights and where one dead bulb would not bring down a string of bulbs. When the tree arrived the lights on one of the three sections did not work. | I contacted the company and they promptly sent out a replacement tree. During the third year two entire sections of bulbs no longer worked. I contacted the company and they sent four strings of bulbs. The task of removing the dead bulb strings was extensive so I just put two of the new strings on the tree. This year, even more strings of bulbs are no longer operating. | I don’t expect an artificial tree to last forever but for the amount of money these trees cost I would expect them to last for more than three or four years. The tree is beautiful and quite real looking but there are many companies that offer very real looking trees. | I have also found another company that offers trees with both colored and clear LEDs for about half the price of the Balsam Hill tree so I will purchase one of those trees. At half the price if it lasts two years it will be a better investment than a Balsam Hill tree.


Name: Balsam Hill

Country: United States

State: California

City: Redwood

Address: 50 Woodside Plaza, Suite 111

Phone: 1.888.552.2572

Website: www.balsamhill.com/