Baltimore Towing, Towed and never notified me, won’t send bill for fees and holds my vehicles hostage Baltimore, Maryland!!. My vehicles were supposedly towed under order of the Balto County police dept, year ago .Was never notified per md. Law, within seven days of their whereabouts and fees. Recently found out where two are which is Baltimore towing. They refuse to send me an itemized bill as to the fees and storage incurred on them and continue to rack up fees on them as while holding them hostage.A third vehicle was towed to Claytons towing , which I recently found out, and have gone out of business and auctioned the other one off.These vehicles were wrongfully taken without just notification under the law,under the guise of a corrupt Baltimore County government and police Dept.Have made several attempts to have compensation made , but have been told that they did nothing wrong, and that I will have to sue.How sad it is that a Government agency can break all of the laws written to protect the citizen for their own gain. I hope that something like this doesn’t happen to you.Beware of corrupt government and the towing companies that they employ to do their dirtywork.Thanks for ruining my life and running me into the pour house, while rightfully trying to recoup compensation and reclaim which is mine.

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