Placed an order in Dec. 2006 for baby crib and dresser/changing table. I received crib but dresser/changing table was broken so UPS driver didn’t even take it off the truck. She sent it back to Bambino’s. I called them to let them know it would be coming back and to send replacement ASAP (my daughter was due to be born in Feb’ 07). nKept getting the runaround and come beginning of Feb. still did not receive replacement (or refund – ~$300.00) and minimal explanation from this company so I had to get the changing table/dresser from somewhere else so I could have prior to my daughter’s arrival. nI would constantly try contacting these people by phone, email, etc., to no avail. They said they had to get a damage report and once they got what they needed from the shipper, they would be able to issue a refund. Mind you, I contacted UPS shortly after the damaged item was sent back, to give them the info and they said Bambino 1st already received the report and it is now almost a year later and I still have no refund. Their website is no longer working and the phone number is constantly busy. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau and they sent me a letter back stating that they received no response from the letter they sent them. nThe people at this company (Jennifer Pike(s)) are a fraud. nRgidnTucson, ArizonaU.S.A.

PO Box 874 Warren, Michigan U.S.A.


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