When I got my Shiba Inu from Paul Lee at Bamboo and Shibas in West Linn, OR in 8/2016 my Shiba Inu was infested with fleas. I called Paul within a week and he said it was normal. After two weeks of having in my care, my Shiba Inu got heartworm and was very sick. A month later in August 2016, my Shiba Inu got tapeworm. The tapeworms then infested my house from my Shiba Inu being so sick. When my Shiba Inu had tapeworm, I had to keep getting him tested from months until they were out of his system. my Shiba Inu also got a severe respiratory infection where he had a 103 fever being only a few months hold. my Shiba Inu is now 1.5 years old and still has anxiety issues since he was a puppy. I trained my Shiba Inu for 9 months to help with his anxiety issues and him not being so skittish around strangers. I also have dog trainers that have worked with my Shiba Inu and could attest to his issues. I contacted Paul Lee on 2/10/18 again and he told me to email him the vet bills, I emailed the vet bills on 2/14/18. His associate, Janet Richardson, emailed 2/14 saying that fleas and tapeworm on puppies are normal and that I am making stories up to extort money from Paul Lee. I have met other puppies from Paul Lee and they all had fleas and tapeworm when they got them as a puppy. Paul Lee told me on 2/10/18 that I need to return my Shiba Inu to him like my Shiba Inu is some kind of rag doll he can throw away. My Shiba Inu is part of my family, I am writing to let him know all the charges incurred because he says he guarantees his puppies to be healthy. I want to prevent Paul Lee from selling unhealthy puppies to prevent other owners from incurring bills and the emotional rollercoaster of having their Shiba Inus unhealthy. Do not get your puppy from bamboo and shibas!!!

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