I am feeling funny about this company and I wish I’d researched before I ordered anything via their website.The Incredible Indoor Banana Tree at this website: www.bananagiant.com/Index.dtmI saw an advertisement on my cable tv on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 about their product, the Banana Tree deal- Buy one for $10 and pay 5.95 s/h and get a bonus tree free. They showed the phone number to order: 1-866-518-2290. They also gave the website to order instead of phone at www.bananagiant.com. So, I went to their website, filled out the order form and processed my order. I got the email confirmation from them: (please notice that I removed my home address, email and order # for security reasons)From: [email protected]: 6 Apr 2011 11:43:39 -0500To: <my email removed for security protection>Subject: Thank you for your order! Banana Giant***NOTICE: This order qualifies for a FREE SHIPPING Rebate. Click here to Claim: www.freeshipping.com/ ***Your order is complete.Your Order Number Is: (order # removed for security protection)Address InformationADDRESS removed for security reasonsItem: TV13270Description: Banana Plant SetQuantity: 1Price $10.00Total $10.00SubTotal: $10.00Shipping & Handling: $11.90Tax: $.00Order Total: $21.90***NOTICE: This order qualifies for a FREE SHIPPING Rebate. Click here to Claim: www.freeshipping.com/ *** Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.I noticed that they charged me $11.90 for shipping and handling when they said only $5.95 s/h. I assumed because I did not read the fine print that they are charging me s/h $5.95 for EACH tree, so I let it go at that. It has been almost three weeks now with my understanding from the email confirmation that it will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. I re-read my email and had a funny feeling… so I went to their original website and I was right about the 5.95 charge for the second tree:Offer Details:This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less P&H. Orders in CT and MI will be charged sales tax. To check on the status of your order or for customer service, please call 1-866-518-2290. Buy 1 Banana Plant for $10 and $5.95 processing, Get a BONUS PLANT FREE! You just pay $5.95 separate processing for the bonus plant.I wanted to read about the free shipping rebate, so I went to the other website as indicated in the email they sent me. I discovered that it was another affiliate in partners with the Banana Giant- they did not indicate WHAT they were selling… only asking you to fill out an order AND give them your CC card without stating WHAT you are ordering for. I did NOT fill out the form Nor my cc info… whatever you order from them will be shipped in 2-3 weeks. I got the misconception from the email they sent me that Banana Giant would be shipping my banana trees 2-3 weeks. This was not so… for I went to bananagiant.com and found this:Shipping PolicyThis product will ship within 30 days from the time the order is processed and will be mailed via UPS. If you have any questions concerning the status of your order, please contact our customer service department.So, I got my husband to call the number: 1-866-518-2290 to check the status of my order. It was an automated voice system with a lot of options to press info for. We pressed for check your status and they said to check out www.mygardenlist.com to find out the status. They were closed at the time, so I went to that website and typed my order # and clicked submit. Their database could not locate my order #, I even tried my first and last name, and other info that they had on me. Still nothing. I went to the Rip Off Report site and punched in Banana Giant, nothing. GardensList. Nothing. Went to the bbb.org website, found nothing either. I even googled up Banana Tree and Banana Giant… there were ALOT of websites that direct you to Bananagiant, thats it. No other consumer reviews from customers. Nothing. What’s up with that? If you know something or could post a website by rebutting to this rip off report, it will be greatly appreciated!!!! :)In the meantime, I am waiting until tomorrow (Monday, April 25) to call customer service and see if I have any luck in getting a hold of a live representative. I will post the update afterwards if there is a problem or not with my order and the company.

P.O. Box 8005 81961 County Road 687 South Hartford, Michigan United States of America

866- 518-2290