Rom improper training procedures, to inexperienced new management with little to none experience, Bank of America politics send red flags to all consumers and future employees. Beware and proceed with EXTREME Caution. As a new employee to the banking system, I excelled among the top 25% of employees, month after month. I recently achieved a reward for top referrals among 25 hires. From day one, my experience with Bank of America manager Michael T has been a grueling disaster of disrespect and malpractice. Why temporarily reward your team with candy bars and then punish them ten minutes later? Why roll your eyes at employees when they are obviously serious about their career and advancement within the company? From racial slurs such as repeatedly calling a certain Hispanic employee “”Senor”” to unnecessary write ups that effect future career placement and incentive bonuses within this company, his lack of personal skills and professionalism should be examined thoroughly. Bank of America supposedly offers a 360 policy which allows you to be open and express yourself to better your experience and career. The 360 policy should be thoroughly examined for complete flaw. Regardless of my success, I was wrongfully terminated due to improper training without warning. No verbals, no write ups, no final write ups. Is it a coincidence that around 50% of the new hires received their final write ups within their first two months? Is it a coincidence that a seven year banking veteran receives her first final written report within two months of her transfer? Probably and statistically not. Even throughout my daily work schedule, I was told by other associates to just “”transfer”” calls if it’s not a sale. What kind of customer service is this? It’s no wonder why Bank of America continues to drop clients left and right. It is clear that Bank of America has work to do. Before you, the consumer decide to bank with this company, do your research. Avoid unnecessary fees and below satisfactory customer service. Future employees, I highly suggest you avoid this company. I never understood what other banking executives said about Bank of America.. They said, don’t work there.. They have too many politics going on.. Now I get it. Bank of America, I will continue to destroy your reputation as long as you continue to bruise / batter your employees and treat your customers like dirt.

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