For my sister and everyone out there. Here is some of my own time researching Cheri Tree and her scams. | The blog link is the biggest asset! | Once again, I only do the research and play “devil’s advocate” on looking at both sides of any business because that’s what you should do with any purchase correct? | The main Bankcode website is very appealing and attention grabbing as it should be. Here is the real company Sheri is paying to make it slick with great UI/UX. | | But the knock off websites of users are typically “clunky” and slapped together. | It took me about 15 minutes of digging on Sheri Tree and her MLM business model to finally uncover a second party resource or review on her business model and how exactly does it increase your sales by 300% and what are you selling that it has to power to apply itself too? | Of course, I really wanted to know the evidence that “Bankcode” has been used (such as a retail product) and it has increased the bottom line? | Here is the only source I need that explains the business model and why even if it makes you a few buck’s your spinning wheels into an abyss which will not lead to a financially stable future for all the time invested: | Read this in entirety and give me your thoughts? | I believe this could be a few below. | “Just haters gonna hate?” | “They just want website traffic for their own site?” | “They made it all up because they love tearing good ideas down!” | “Everything online is a scam…except Bankcode” | Fact is a large majority of poor people want to get rich quick. Why do you think the lotto works so well? | The history of people getting involved in MLM scams to live the dream is validated and makes me sick. | So, even though I am considered a pessimist by my “negative” outlook or skepticisms at least I have never lost $0.01 cent to these f**kers who sleep in their big house at night knowing they provided false hope and possibly ruined people’s lives financially in the name of greed. | Can you please show me the balance sheet of investment dollars VS. the income from the program? | Or even projected income since this is what you rely on when starting a business that takes time to nurture without immediate results.


Name: BankCodeVT

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: (702) 342-0742|