BARBERINO NISSAN BARBERINO BROTHERS Horrible liars ripoff liars con artists wallingford connecticut!!. Horrible service! Talked with Katie Nuzzi Sales Rep showed us the car my parents wanted. Got Hugo her boss to talk numbers and gave us a great number. One problem was that the car was not on lot but will be coming. We put half down payment. We waited three days car still not there and every time we tried to reach one of the two took way to long!! We needed at least an answer! We put down 5 grand and to not have a car on lot! And to lie! that the Pathfinder Sl comes with navigation! After calling other Nissan’s and asking about the Sl they said Navigation is not offered in the SL need the tech package! So I was buying a fish in the sea even though Hugo insisted on that the car did come with what I asked for! Bull! Him and Katie make a great team at mismanagement. Customer is always right! My dad even called it that the two were a couple. They covered for each

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