Complaint: Nov. 22, 2008 I was married in Scottsdale AZ. We took 13 of our closest family and friends to share the day with us. After we were married we had reservation in a private room at Barcelona. Everything went very well. The service was great the food was just ok and all in all we had a nice time. Once the restaurant turned into a club our parents headed home, picking up the bill at that time. To rent the room was $2000 minimum. My father paid the minimum and a 21% gratuity was added for our large party. He signed the receipt with me looking at it. We were then told that another tab had been started for us. At the end of the evening I was charged $588 for alcohol drank between 6 people. The next day I called Barcelona to request an itemized receipt and never received a call back. I called again the next day and each day after that for almost 2 weeks. With no response I called my credit card company and disputed the charges. My credit card company was able to finally speak with someone at Barcelona and they provided me with my signed receipt… Nothing itemized at all!! Not to mention this was in January. Recently I recieved an itemized receipt with what my father was charged for the room ($2000). Agian I am just now 3 months later getting this receipt. At this point not one person has called me from the restaurant! All I wanted was to see $588 worth of alcohol on my bill with my credit card number. They have yet to produce this. I was not requesting my money back I just wanted to see how I spent $588. Barcelona was the place that I spent my wedding night, we ate dinner and danced and I will NEVER go back… I will tell anyone and everyone what happened to me at this place. The waitress ended up with a very large tip!!! To all the people who go to Barcelona, check your bill before you go and make sure to have your itemized receipt!!! What a rip off. Acarrell Des Moines, IowaU.S.A.

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