I purchaased a stove with a 5 day warranty included in price. The major board and switches shorted out immediately upon hook up. I called another company to repair the “11”” year old stove. The company I used stated that Bargain Appliances was a rip off company

sighting a previous example of a used purchase refrigerator that didn’t work. I requested the $65.00 service fee i paid to have the damaged stove repaired. Bargain Appliances wanted me to return the stove for another one with no refund policy with a day. Also stating once the broken appliance was repaired they coulnd’t take it back. I am writing this in hopes NO ONE WILL USE their store to purchase used appliances. They don’t even hook up their sold equipment

because they don’t want the “”liability.”” They are 100% dishonest and display faulty equipment as working correctly. I state a 100% disreputable company. Bargain Appliances 16840 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix

Arizona 85032″

16840 North Cavecreek Road Phoenix, Arizona USA