I purchased a Pedestal table and 8 chairs in Novemebr 2009 in the amount of $1910.33 plus $65.00 delivery fee. The table and chairs were delivered to me all in boxes. When I asked the delivery guys if they were putting it together they told me no they just delivered. At no point was I told the table and chairs were being delivered in boxes! After putting the table together on one end the screws came through the table top! I called the store manager and was told he would make a call the manufacturer, but there was nothing he could do. That he would return my call and let me know what he found out. I waited a few days no call so I called him back he was no help to me at all. He wouldn’t give me any other #’s or anything. I got the # to the manufacturer from a furniture store in Dallas that carries the same brand furniture. I called there the lady I spoke with was extremely nice and very helpful. They were moving into another location so she asked me to keep in touch with her, but give her some time. So, we kept in touch through Christmas and after New Years and she told me that Bargain Depot in Texarkana had gotten a new manager and her name is Donna and that I should call and speak with her. So, I did. I took pictures of the table and directions and emailed them to Donna who emailed them to the manufacturer. Donna told me in Feb. 2010 that my table top would be replaced, but it wouldn’t be here until March 2010. In March I contacted Donna and she told me it would be there in a week and if I would bring the 8 chairs to the Texarkana store they would put them together and deliver the table and chairs together to my house. About a week later my husband and I were in Texarkana and we drove by Bargain Depot and there was paper in the windows and a sign that said closed for re-modeling and gave the store # if you have questions. We didn’t think much about it cause they were moving stuff around all the time when we had gone in. I’ve sent a few emails to Donna with no response so I decided to call her I had her personal cell #. The # has been disconnected so I called the store # and it is disconnected also. I called the manufacturer back and she told me the table top had been picked up 3 weeks ago and she assumed I had been delivered and taken care of. She was surprised when I told her they have my chairs and the phones were disconnected. The manufacturer gave me the # to the Winnsboro and Dallas Bargain Depot store locations so I called them and the lady with the manufacturer also told me she was going to call. I called Winnsboro first and spoke with the manager there. She informed me my chairs are in her warehouse, and she was supposed to have a table top delivered but did not think she had received it. She asked me to let her check and she would call me back. In the meantime I called the Dallas store the supervisor was out so I left him a detailed message of what was going on and am still waiting his return call. Winnsboro manager returned my call and yes she definately has my chairs, but the table top is in Dallas at the warehouse and she doesn’t know when it will arrive at her store. She also informed me we will have to drive there to pickup our merchandise. Ok we live almost 3 hours from Winnsboro I’ve paid for my stuff to be delivered and now they are telling me I have to come pick it up! I’m waiting for the Dallas supervisor to return my call to let me know if I can come there to pick up the table top. My husband is being deployed in one week and I need this taken care of before he leaves! We have children and I don’t have time with my husband gone to be driving 3 hours to pick up merchandise that should’ve already been delivered to me! DO NOT BUY FROM BARGAIN DEPOT!

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