Barnard Tire and Wheel Mike Charged me for vehicle service that was not performed Bastrop Texas!!. This place at one time had great service but since the new owner Mike took over it has gone way down hill. I took my truck there to get my tires balanced. Not only did they not balance them but the scratched my rims. I also was getting my truck aligned I was told by Mike after he took my money the truck would still pull right because of the lift. I then took it to another mechanic to find out my truck was not touched for the alignment. I called Mike back after told him my truck was fixed he told me he would refund my money after talking to the other mechanic. I went to get my refund and the POS didn’t give me my refund back and told me I would have to pay more money to get my tires rebalanced. He then threw my credit card on the counter and walked out of the office

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