Bartira Rodrigues a.k.a Bee is an absolute danger to any and all children. She should NEVER be hired again as a nanny or a caretaker. | I hired her to be the nanny for my 2 children while I worked during the day. I installed hidden cameras all over my house this past weekend and to my surprise Bartir was caught multiple times using coke almost every hour on the hour while watching my children. | I’ve talked to some of the other familes shes been a nanny to and they all advised me of the exact same situation that I discovered thats why they all fired her. She is a drug abuser and she does it infront of children like its normal. Now my children are memicking how she sniffs things up her nostrils and my children are repeating the horrible drug habits she is showing them. | On other occasions when the children were napping she invited serveral different men to my house. Some men were seen on video recieving money from Bee in exchange for drugs and other times she invited a few men into my home MY BEDROOM putting my children in harms way at their own home residence. I now have to change my locks and Im looking for a new home. I cant take the chance of drug dealers or drug users coming to my home. | This is a shame and I blame myself for allowing her to pretend to be this extremely nice indivdual but but the drugs really have a hold on her. She appealled to my softer side and told me about her mother being sick and how she takes care of her and that was one of the main reasons why I hired her. | The worst decision I’ve ever made. I now have to change my residnce of 14 years, possibly uproot my children from their school district and friends because of this woman. She has made my children and my life a living nightmare I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. | So if you are thinking about hiring her DONT PLEASE DONT she will abuse drugs in your home bring unwanted and unknown men into your home putting your children in uncomfortable situations and exposing them to drugs. WORSE NANNY I’VE EVER MET!!!!!


Name: Bartira Rodrigues

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Homestead

Address: 3370 Ne 13th Circle Dr Unit 106

Phone: 786 368 3184