THERE WAS COMPLETE ENGINE FAILURE NOW THAT HAVE GARNISHED MY WAGES TRYING TO COLLECT 13,000. THEN TODAY REPORTED ON MY CREDIT 120 DAY LATE. WHEN I CALLED TO ASK WHY IT WAS REPORTED THAT WAY THEY HAD NO EXPLANATION | I baught a car from CNAC/Bartolini Finance/ J/D by ryder. over 10 years ago. i had the car all of 7 months before the care went into complete engine failure. so i advised them to come and pick up thier vehicle. 10 years later they sued me without any notification. | this past month the company hit me with a garnishment trying to collect 13,000.00. I have since called to see if they coulf reduce the percentage that they were taking out. i was advised by some lawyers tha there was nothing that i could do in regards to stopping the garnishment besides to file bankruptcy. | I believe that this account is way to old to try to collect a debt from over 10 years. I then checked my credit and found that they put a 120 day late. if they are taking money out of my check why are they hitting me with a 120day late. i called them to asked this question and was told it was fromt he original reporting. i said from 10 years ago? you cannot do that.. or can they

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