Bart’s Car Store Deceptive Snake Liars-selling dangerous vehicles BEWARE-taking advantage of the disabled Columbia City, Indiana!!. Do not do business with Bart’s Car Store! The salesmen are lying thieves that will just give you the runaround when you are not satisfied. I have already seen more than one report on google reviews that the autos they sell have problems. They sold a truck that had dry rotted tires, could have killed someone. The worst is that they sold a truck to a consumer who didn’t have the mental capacity to understand how badly they were being taken advantage of. Pure evil…just for profit. They lied about the engine size and did a trade-in, knowing that the gentleman that was there could not really make that decision, he was just looking on behalf of his wife. He had no intention of trading in his truck or to take the piece of hunk they sold him. To take advantage of someone who is disabled is low and dirty. His wife tried to contact several times the owner, was told she will be called and that they want to make it right, she still has not been able to talk to anyone in charge. Ultimately, the stress that this created for the gentleman that was taken advantage of, ending up killing him. This is not a joke…the responsibility he took on after those evil thieves took advantage of him gave him a heart attack and he died, right in front of his wife. Everyone knows that car salesmen are sneaky and pushy just to get a sale, but this is outrageous. The man they did this too had a mental disability, and it is obvious if you talk to him. They have given his wife the runaround, told her to move on with her life and that she should be happy with her new truck. Just a few weeks ago she discovered the dry rotted tires that could have killed her or her children while she was driving. Horrible way to practice any business, they are evil and greedy. This is a warning to anyone even considering doing business with them-they are low-life scum liars.

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