Bashar Auto Mechanics and Body Shop JUAN Beware of this ripp off Body Shop, Will scam you out of your money! Phoenix Arizona!!. A couple of months ago, I filled a report about J&F Body Shop that happens to be located in the same facilitie just a different suite number. SEPTEMBER 01, 2019 I was having my truck towed from J&F Body shop for over for months. So, when the tow driver gets to the shop ready to tow my truck out the yard, two mexican men approach me. Started asking me questions about the truck. Such as: How long has Felix had your truck? What do you want to do with the truck? I told them I wanted to get it fixed after all I am stuck with over 918.00 dollars of new parts I was told to purchase for the repair. The one guy named Juan tells me he is the one Felix csme to about the frame for my truck. He said “I can fix it for you for the same price that Felix offered. Which was 1500.00 he tells me to follow him to the front where their body shop is located. He started showing me cars he said he repaired and painted by his self. Telling me he could repair my truck get the rest of the parts at discount because he is a Mexican that doesn’t have to pay taxes plus a mechanic. I said let me think about it so we exchanged cell phone numbers. The very next day Sept. 02, 2019 Juan and his friend was calling my cell phone multiple times, when I finally spoke to them they asked for a down payment (deposit) so Juan could start the work. He told me it would be done in a couple of weeks, I expected at least a month because of the damage. They ask for 500.00, told them I would not give them cash but a money order they said okay that was the end of the conversation. A hour or so passed and I got a call from Juan asking if I can meet him some where public to get the money order. I told him I was inside a Fry’s food store getting the money order but he wanted to meet me at the AM PM across the street. I took a picture of the money order then something strange happen. At first he asked me to put it in his girlfriends name, but he didn’t know her name/ or how to spell it. So, he gives me his I.D. after 15 minutes for me to fill it in. Sept. 03, 2019 Juan calls me telling me that they can’t move the truck because they didn’t have the key. I told them Felix left the key in the ignition. September 06, 2019 the money order has been cashed, but no work has been done on my truck. I am know going up there every week trying to get my 500.00 dollars back, but Juan is never there and if he is they come up with an excuse or keep lying saying their going to fix it. Last Wednesday I went up there it was paint on my window saying TOW. A guy named Francisco came out from the body shop. He took my number said he was going to have Juan call me so I could get my money back. Yeah right called Francisco Thursday his phone number is off. It’s November 5th 2019 and I still haven’t received my money back and once again my truck is just sitting outside their gate, where anyone can come still the rims and parts off and inside it. Just want my money back and to junk the truck!

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