BAT was hired in July of 2013 to replace our driveway. Initially the driveway looked great but, by January 2014, we began to notice flaking, cracking “popouts” and outright fracturing. There were “popouts” the size of silver dollars and small buckshot craters everywhere. We even had a 3inch chick of the edge break off. Clearly this was either subpar concrete or inferior installation. At first the owner tried to blame it on me and claimed I must have used rock salt on the drive. Then he backed off that and said that road salt from our car tires was to blame. Ultimately he finally agreed to replace the drive in erly 2015 (by this time it was late in 2014). | I contacted him in April of 2015 and he said he’s be out in May. In May he said it would be June. That was the last I’ve heard from him. He refuses to return calls, emails or text messages. At this point we are prepared to take this to court to get resolution.


Name: Bat Concrete Construction

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

City: Walton

Address: 11488 Dixie Highway