This starts with, my next report, Bay Bridge Hotel Operated by Bay Bridge Betty, booked a room for 2 nights through Hotels. com at the Bates motel aka The Bay Bridge Hotel the room was 75.00 advance ress. prepaid on my card. Drove 5 hour with 3 teenage swimmers for a meet in north bend, drop them off at there hotel with the coach’s.. get to my hotel at 6:15 pm. almost missed the driveway No lights just a poorly lit motel sign, that had the ” winter rates posted at $49.95. the web still has them at $75

I go in to the lobby and Betty and another are burning some wicked smelling incense. I till who I am and ask for my room and she looks me up on the scratch pad

She finds me right behind the name of the 1 st guest that was booked in that room but had been scratched and my name put in behind it. she give me the key and ran out to catch up to the swim meeting at 6:30. I called hotels .com informed them that this hotel was not up my expectations and need to cancel. and went back at 7:15 and returned the key to Betty and as nicely as I could explained to here that I could not and would not be staying at Here hotel. She seemed nice and wished me luck finding a closer and nicer place. I called Hotels .com back and they assured me of my refund. well monday comes and goes NO refund. Hotels .com Says that Bates-motel Betty refuses to refund the money

No 24 hr. cancelation No money . The fine print

she Got paid $150.00 on thursday night the 8th. I had no chance