Complaint: I had my hearing today at Friend of the Court to try to change custody of 14 yr old son due to his best interests. As soon as I walked into the office the court officer Micheal began his attack against me for everything from paperwork that they instructed me to do and onto my abilities as a parent. I had a stack of papers from my sons school showing he is not doing well at his fathers and is in a downward spiral. His father does not have medical insurance on him and does not provide him with his daily medication he is supposed to take for his mental disorders. My son is using drugs at his Dads and is failing school. He has NO supervision and is left to his own devices there. The “man”” overseeing the hearing didn’t care and didn’t want to listen to any of it. He just critized me and attacked me the entire time. The Bay City MI male court officials are all about the fathers no matter the circumstances and not in the best interest of the child. I sincerely felt that because I don’t have a p**** I would never be heard. I have filed a grievance and asked for a new hearing with a different offical but I doubt it will matter in the “”good ol boys club”” that Bay City MI has within the courts. This “”man”” Michael has NO business having any kind of power within any government office and should not be a deciding person on what is in a childs best interest. He didn’t even want to look at the proof I had showing my case and refused all of it but instead looked at papers my ex brought showing that his on again off again girlfriend is a counseler and is working with my son. I am a stay at home Mom home 24/7 and can provide everything my son needs but none of it mattered because I am a woman. I am curious to know how many other children are at risk because of this “”mans”” decisions to side with the father no matter the circumstances. Hopefully my grievance I filed will make a difference

Tags: Government Services

Address: otherwise my sons future is severely compromised. Our community needs to come together and get rid of the “”Good Ol Boys Club”” within our courts system.”


Phone: Bay City, Michigan USA