My wife and I purchased a 2014 Jeep Patriot from Bayside Chrysler in February 2014. 4 months later the vehicle started to make a winding grinding sound when going 65 or more MPH. A week after this started the vehicle started to make that sound and when on the highway, the car’s overheating signal came on and the car decelerated from 70 to 30 MPH. When stepping on the accelerator, the car continued to make that winding sound and decelerated until it came to a stop. I pulled the car over to the side of the highway, shut if off and waited in the heat for about 45 minutes until the car started and the problem went away. The car has repeated to do this from July 2014 to July 2015 six more times. One time, the vehicle did that when driving with my family on I-80 and there was no shoulder. We were almost hit by a large truck due to our slow speed on those winding roads. On one occasion, the car did this going down a steep hill and the brakes locked up and we swerved into traffic. The car has been in the shop in both Bayside and East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 5 times and they cannot find the issue. The dealership in Pennsylvania where the car was towed to twice recommended that the car only go to Bayside Jeep from now on. My last visit to Bayside Jeep was July 29, 2015. They could not find the issue and released this death trap to me even after the representatives at Jeep Hotline, who let me tell you are awful as well, recommended that I not drive this vehicle due to it being unsafe. Now, Bayside Jeep wants me to go into the vehicle with one of their employees and drive for hours until the problem occurs. Not only are they putting my life in danger but they are also doing this to one of their own. I am so disappointed about the way this has been handled from Jeep’s end, Bayside Jeep and Gray’s Jeep in Pennsylvania. As the owner of three Jeep Grand Cherokee’s, I am disappointed that I even entered the doors of Jeep of Bayside. Not to mention that the business manager of the dealership told me that the car was a death trap and told me he would help me by declaring this a lemon. He has never returned my calls and I am placing these messages publicly in the event that I face an accident or worse in this 2014 Jeep Patriot. Yes, I have gone to all Agencies including Better Business, Attorney General’s Office and now an attorney. Be aware and do research before you buy a car from this dealership. I know that people rant and rave on these and many websites but I am being truthful in this review and I warn you to do your research! I am a NYC School Principal with a doctorate degree and I feel that I did not do the right thing by dealing with Bayside Jeep. I have to add this piece to the review….so I have I case number with Jeep and the case manager, Jeanette, I call about 3-5 times per day. She almost never returns calls and has done zero. Her job is to tell me what I need to do and lie to me and tell me that she can never get through to the dealer or service at Bayside Jeep. Imagine corporate not being able to get through to Jeep. So today, after calling her four times she returns my call at 6:00pm and asks me whats up. I say….were you not going to call dealer and find out what next steps need to be taken. She has the audacity to say to me to be honest I forgot to call….I tell her I can’t believe that the lives of my family members and I are not so important….she back tracks and says well I did call but did not get through….she got caught in a lie. We left off that she would call me in the morning-first call-after reaching the dealer. This whole situation is very frustrating and I do not trust this dealer, Jeep nor my car. | Recently, the case has been assisgned to the NCDS and once of the recommendations is to try to work a resolution out with dealer. I make an appointment with the owner of the Dealership who when I arrive for my appointment I find out that he is off for the day and so is John who is the main finance manager. The sales manager, Bob, who is trying to find a solution….the best thing they have at this place….and another salesperson meet with me and try to put me into a Chrysler 200 for 60 dollars more a month. I refuse and tell them that I will see them at arbitration…..


Name: Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Bayside

Address: 21219 Northern Blvd

Phone: 718-229-8700