Bayview claims to be a debt collection company. They are trying to extort money from me for an alleged debt from a company that never existed. The document Bayview references to support their claim is back dated fives years after an alleged trust terminated and three years after Countywide went out of business. When I request a validation of the debt, they fail to respond. When I request the name of the original source of the alleged debt I get different answers. Also, the amount of the alleged debt changes at will. I also checked the secretary of state only to find that the first law firm hired by Bayview was not properly licensed. However, they are using the govenment postal service to communicate false debt collection information. | After reading the fine print, letters from Bayview state that they represent a Trustee with Bank of New York, (A/K/A, Trust CWALT). There is no address, no phone number or contact name for the trust. According to the SEC and the secretary of state the trust does not exist. Also, the Department of Justice found the predessor of the alleged loan gulity of mortgage fraud (Bank of America, formally Countrywide). The SEC also issued a cease and desist order for the trust. | Most recently, Bayview stated to another govenment agency, the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) that I am not a customer yet they still try to threaten me to pay. On more than one occasion Bayview has performed appraisals for property that is not mine and requested payment for the appraisal. Also, the information they are reporting to the credit bureau is not valid. The most recent outrageous activity shows Bayview is sending my mail to another address. They refuse to show proof of my request or permission to change my address. | Bayview Loan Servicing is out of control.


Name: Bayview Loan Services

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 1 N LaSalle St # 850

Phone: 312-629-5265