bc custom cycles b&c customs robbed dozens of women and elderly took the engines out and threw the parts in the cars of over 15 that i saw left when he moved and renamed his company. thousands were stolen many lost their vehicle houston, Texas!!. This guy craig had a partner something like bret or something thus b c customs or custom cycles who knows the name changes daily so they can hide from the innocent victims they scam daily. mr criag blanchard and partner took peoples cars promised to repair them and said in order for him to do it he needed the money upfront for the parts. several months even a whole year and these cars remain sitting there unfixed. then he started avoiding calls and eventually skipped out with everyones hard earned cash took the cars that he wanted left the ones that he didn’t with the engines and all parts ruined and leaking oil in the back seat interior and trunck so they can never have it put back properly he wouldn’t want anyone to have access to their vehicles after he robs them i guess. Try googling him Craig Blanchard or BC custom cycles theres a reason he’s no where in site. hes hiding. this co’s very hard to locate because no website only a Facebook page because he can block his victims. this guy is must be stopped just incorporated his co wonder y? He stole my money thousands from me thousands from others and destroyed their vehicles. all 20 of them at least probably many more. Craig Blanchard, married to Brandy Blanchard used the money for a brand new motorcycle she hangs of of in his photos on Facebook. Got a brad new shop didn’t even pay last few mo rent at his old one before getting a new name and new location. skipped out after he owned a couple grand left the us useless carrs with parts everywhere to move on to bigger and better schemes to rob the innocent. he s doing motorcycles now. be ware this one he aint rt. he didn’t rob any men i wonder y?

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