B&D Towing & Recovery, Inc. Dennis J. Creech Towing, Perjury, Fraud, Grand Theft Tampa Florida!!. Worst Towing Experience Ever: Don’t ever Don’t ever trust your vehicle to this company, I did and they stoled the vehicle. I have added one document and you figure it out. I received this document from Florida DMV in a records request. This is how dumb some people are. One of there people took a copy of the invoice for the charges against the vehicle what the dumb a** was to lasy to do and I thank them they left the towing invoice laid over the bill of sale for the invoice from the company I purchased the vehicle from. LOOK at the attached document and you can see a good part of my information. In the second document I have attached is a full copy I request from the auction company and you put things together and see who owned the vehicle. They commited Perjury and Fraud under Florida Statute 319.33(1)(e) when they filed for a new CD-Title and never mentioned me in any of the documents they fraudulently filed the papers for a new CD-Title. I hope they sue me over this because the truth does HURT. Call them at 813-671-2888 and tell tham what you think or call me at 727-686-7240. The Hillsborough County Sheriff put me in jail for 7 months because I would not take a deal and at trial it took the jury 15 minutes to find me not gulity. Now I am going to make them pay civil wise. Please WISH ME WELL I had two(2) heart attached and a stroke while in jail for Wrongfull arrest.

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