Dear Parents,nWe are a group of parents who have been scammed by Be Productions AKA My Artists Place AKA My Talent Service AKA Commercial Kidz, AKA Eric Desanto, Barry Falk, Nick Tabri, LLC they have gone by so many names but you have to ask yourself why do they keep changing the name of the company? nI learned about My Artists Place when my little girl was approached by a Man, when we were shopping in the Mall. He said she was so pretty she should be a model. nAfter looking at one of their websites we attended an audition for a TV Show they were filming. nIt turns out this company has been in business for 3 years and the TV shows they have done, they paid for with Membership profits. They told us that they had a show called Kids Unlimited on CW Network and another called Say What. But what they didn’t tell anyone is that they paid for the Infomercial Shows with Membership fees. They buy paid infomercial airtime on early, early Saturday morning and the CW Network doesn’t fund the show, like they lie to the public about. The CW Network will sell paid programming infomercial time to ANYONE. I talked to many of the CW staff and a former employee of the so called Be Productions by Eric De Santo and they do not have ANY support from any TV network much less CW Network. They would be on PUBLIC ACCESS if they had not BOUGHT the infomercial airtime in a network. nThe worst part is that they have changed their company name 4 times. 3 years ago they began scamming on kids and families under the name Commercial Kidz. Then that scam didn’t work and they started using My Artists Place but that scam didn’t work because 7 ON YOUR SIDE with Michael Finney did an expose about the so called business My Artists Place and they called out Eric De Santo and the smoke and mirrors scam they were running. 7 ON YOUR SIDE and Michael Finney talked about how they had been in touch with the TV Networks they said were NOT supporting their show and it was only paid infomercial airtime. They were using every logo they could Disney, CW Network, ABC and every other logo. Eric Desanto and these scams he is running don’t even know who he is. No one even knows who he is! nWhat makes this SCAM worse is that they school all the families into thinking they are in the entertainment industry when they don’t even have real power or influence/connections. They scam families out of $3,000 and $5,000 and the kids are totally scammed and cheated. A former employee of Be Productions who quit told me the whole story and apparently Eric De Santo was selling hard wood flooring as a Sales Person before he hooked and started this SCAM. nIn the end please don’t be fooled by their fake promised and phony infomercial. They have no power in the acting business and furthermore many & On Your Side with Michael Finney and many of the families that fell for this scam are hurting because of the lies they were told. I also heard from another parent that when they realized it was a scam and asked further questions that Be Productions closed their account and sent a collection agency to ask them to pay the rest of the thousands of dollars in acting membership fees. nThey will NOT put your child on TV, they do not get the children agents, and they only sell their low class scamming lack of information and claim they will make your child a star. nYou deserve better! You deserve to be with REAL people who have succeeded in the entertainment industry. Not These SCAM ARTISTS from Be Productions AKA My Artists Place AKA My Talent Service AKA Commercial Kidz, AKA Eric Desanto, Barry Falk, Nick Tabri, LLC. nDon’t be cheated and scammed by Be Productions AKA My Artists Place AKA My Talent Service AKA Commercial Kidz, AKA Eric Desanto, Barry Falk, Nick Tabri, LLC! nThey are not a Talent Agency like they tell you. They do not respresent your child. They only want to scam you out of your money! nA concerned parent,nSarah L. & Jenny (6) nElvis ****npeoria, ArizonaU.S.A.

Montclair, California U.S.A.

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